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Brisbane Two Drawers Console Table


Brisbane Two Drawers Console Table

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Brisbane is a very clean, liveable city. The weather and people are very warm. There are barely seasons and even in winter you barely need more than a light jacket. The closest beach is 1 hour away so you really need to have a car living here in order to get away. Most locals drive up to the sunshine or gold coast regularly which have stunning beaches
Bristone Sonsole Table is conbined between the steel water pipes and cracked oak. It look cool freindly. The table is finished with a rustic hand waxed finish for the cracked oak and black color powder coating from the steel struture.
Dimension: L 120 mm x D 380 mm x 750 mm H
Wood | Cracked oak timber
Finish | Donata 10% Gloss & Back powder coating
Pull | Wooden handle

Brisbane Sonsole Table

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